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Design + Organization: a match made in Heaven.


Jennifer Lanna Design and Divine Organizing are teaming up as JLD + DO for a holistic approach to designing Home. When we combine our two strengths of organization and design, the result is: 


order, purpose, and beauty for daily living.


This package is for clients who require both function and beauty in their spaces. JLD + DO create customized organization and design solutions for kitchens, closets, offices, playrooms, and other spaces. 


The Organize + Design package is full-service and customized to suit your needs.


This package includes…

  1. An in-person consultation and assessment that gives us insight into your style and daily routines, and assesses the challenges your space presents.

  2. Design Plan + Organizational Plan

  3. Decluttering

  4. Full project management for design and construction

  5. Moving services to clear rooms for renovation

  6. Installation and styling: setting up your renovated space so it is divinely organized!


The first step is to contact us here, to see if we’re the right fit for each other. We are excited to create your home with you!

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